2024 is on the way – Here’s what Plenty Of Thyme can offer you in the new year!
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2024 is on the way – Here’s what Plenty Of Thyme can offer you in the new year!

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As the new year draws closer, it brings new milestones, fresh events and happy celebrations. Making sure you have a trusted catering service up your sleeve can help you avoid stress and planning in the future – so here is why your go-to caterer should be Plenty Of Thyme!

The best event catering Essex can offer is here to exceed your expectations. Whatever your 2024 consists of – from a corporate gathering, a wedding celebration, a seasonal party or something else – the best event catering Essex can offer is dedicated to impressing you and your guests.

Here’s what the best caterers Essex can offer – Plenty Of Thyme – can bring to the table (literally) in the new year!


Wedding event catering Essex

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and our wedding catering is here to make it one to remember!

We have the best wedding catering Essex boasts for good reason. We pay attention to every detail, just like a wedding planner or couple would.

This means our team of skilled chefs and event specialists work closely with you to create a bespoke menu that meets every guest’s needs and preferences, meaning nobody is ever left out.

Along with pleasing every guest’s taste buds, we strive to provide catering that fits your unique theme and style. From elegant canapes to scrumptious main courses and delightful desserts, we’ll match our catering to your big day to give you the ultimate wedding feast!

We’re known perfectionists, so we include a taste test to make sure we get everything just right. For the finest wedding catering Essex has seen, choose Plenty Of Thyme.

image of the best wood fired pizza catering Essex can offer from Plenty Of Thyme being cooked in oven

Corporate catering Essex

Corporate events are all about making a good impression and making your guests feel valued. What better way to achieve this than with delicious catering!? When you choose the best caterers Essex can offer, you can expect expert corporate catering designed to impress!

Whether it’s a product launch, a conference, or a team-building event, Plenty Of Thyme has a selection of menu options for all occasions. From formal 3-course sit-down meals prepared by our award-winning chefs to gourmet buffet catering for a more relaxed atmosphere, we’ve got the perfect catering to help you reach your event goals.

Leave the food to our dedicated team so you can focus on the success of your corporate event. Get in contact to find out more about the best corporate event catering Essex can offer!


Summer serving

When the sun is shining and the weather calls for outdoor celebrations, you can count on Plenty of Thyme to keep things easy and delicious!!

For those dreamy summer gatherings, we offer a bunch of catering options perfect for the occasion. From our wood-fired pizza catering – bringing the taste of Italy to your event – to our street food catering, offering a flavour bomb of refreshing dishes!

Of course, for a classic British summer experience, our BBQ catering is a sizzling choice! From juicy burgers to smoky brisket and garlic steak, we’ve sorted your summer of 2024!


A touch of sophistication

It’s no secret that our team loves to have fun, but when the situation calls for it, we can bring elegance, sophistication, and class with our canape catering and dinner party catering!

Here at Plenty of Thyme, we serve up dishes that not only taste amazing but also carry that touch of fanciness. Whether you’re hosting a chill get-together and want some bite-sized delights to kick things off, or you’re planning an dinner party evening filled with food (and wine!), our dinner party catering and canape catering have got your back!

Being the best caterers Essex boasts, elegance is practically our middle name. Check out our variety of event catering options on our website!

Image of server carrying the best canapé catering Essex can offer from Plenty Of Thyme

Party, party, party!

From birthdays and baby showers to family gatherings and seasonal blow-outs, Plenty of Thyme is your go-to for all your party moments!

With the best event catering Essex has tasted, our food is perfect for all of your celebrations – and convenient! Our services cover everything – from setup and serving to cleanup and pack-down – ensuring you can enjoy a stress-free day surrounded by your loved ones.

No matter the occasion, we can guarantee a scrumptious feast crafted by talented chefs from incredible ingredients. Our commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients means every bite is bursting with flavour and goodness!

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our food!


We’re making your 2024 affordable

We believe that high-quality catering shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg – which is why we remain affordable!

When you choose the best caterers Essex has to offer, you experience five-star flavour and service without the price tag. Choose Plenty Of Thyme to make your 2024 events incredible!


The best event catering Essex can offer is from Plenty Of Thyme!

When you need awesome catering in 2024, you know who to call. Whatever the occasion, whatever the season, reach out to Plenty Of Thyme to experience the best event catering Essex can offer!