Meet the chefs who give us the name of the best mobile catering Essex can offer!
Chef making the best mobile catering Essex food

Meet the chefs who give us the name of the best mobile catering Essex can offer!

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Curious about why we’re the best mobile catering Essex can offer? Read on to find out why!


Being a chef is not an easy gig – it takes time, patience, skill and lots and lots of dedication! However, those who persevere end up being able to create some of the most incredible food you’ll ever taste.

Luckily, we’ve got some fantastic chefs who cook for Plenty Of Thyme – and we couldn’t be more grateful for them.

With International Chefs Day coming up on the 20th of October, it’s the perfect time to spread some appreciation. Chefs are the heart and soul of the food industry, transforming simple ingredients into dishes that burst with flavour. Here at Plenty of Thyme – suppliers of the best mobile catering Essex can offer – we’re taking this day as an opportunity to honour and appreciate the talent and dedication of chefs worldwide and give special recognition to our very own team of incredible chefs!


Firstly, why do we celebrate International Chefs Day?

International Chefs Day is not just a day for foodies to celebrate, but a day to highlight the skills, hard work, and passion that chefs bring to the table.

It is a day for both aspiring and seasoned chefs, and all those who enjoy food. Whether you share knowledge and culinary experiences, encourage innovation, or just give thanks to those who create your favourite dish, everybody can celebrate International Chefs Day.

Here at Plenty of Thyme – with the best caterers Essex can offer – we know that the backbone of our catering service is the creativity and expertise of our expert chefs!


Meet our chefs

Here at Plenty Of Thyme, we currently have 5 full-time chefs who cook up our delicious dishes.



Dave is not only the Executive Chef at Plenty Of Thyme, but he is also our Founder! With over 25 years of experience working in kitchens across Essex, London and even Australia, Dave is an experienced and seasoned chef who knows his stuff!

There’s not much Dave hasn’t mastered, and one of his favourite things to cook up is some good old-fashioned street food!

Because of this, Plenty Of Thyme’s newest service Prime Thyme was introduced – a high-end food truck that serves up the tastiest of street food! If you’re looking for the best mobile catering Essex can offer, Prime Thyme might be for you!

Fun Fact: Dave regularly used to feed the Beckhams while working at the O2. How impressive!


Chef making the best mobile catering Essex food

Meet Tom, our incredible Head Chef at Plenty Of Thyme. During his career, Tom has gained 15 years of experience in some of Essex and London’s most famous spots, before finding his place in the Plenty Of Thyme family. He’s one of the best caterers Essex can offer, and we’re extremely proud to have him as Head Chef!

Fun Fact: Tom worked with the legendary Michelin-star chef, Michel Roux, a while back – a true hero in the cooking world!



Simon, our talented Sous Chef, has been an integral part of the Plenty Of Thyme family for four years now – making him truly one of our own!

Having worked in some of Essex’s busiest restaurants, Simon is one of the best caterers Essex has to offer. He’s an extremely talented chef who is one of the masterminds behind the unforgettable mobile catering Essex experiences we create here at Plenty Of Thyme.

He also makes the best Nordic/southeast Asian cuisine you’ll ever taste!

Fun Fact: Simon’s first tattoo, inked at the age of 18, set him back over £1k!



Meet Matt, our talented Event Chef, who loves to cook his favourite fire and BBQ food at our mouthwatering BBQ catering events. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting Matt’s dishes, you’ll know he’s one of the reasons we are the best mobile catering Essex can offer!

Fun Fact: Matt failed GCSE food tech and went into working in hospitality for 24 years. Soon enough, he rediscovered his passion for cooking and is now one of our most skilled and dedicated chefs on the Plenty Of Thyme team! Never give up!



Introducing Chef Jacqui, the pastry pro amongst our fine selection of the best caterers Essex can offer!

Despite her expertise in pastries, her heart lies in cooking vibrant Indian cuisine bursting with flavour!

Fun Fact: Believe it or not, Jacqui once had the opportunity to dine at the Houses of Parliament!


Choose Plenty Of Thyme for the best mobile catering Essex can offer

International Chefs Day is a day of recognition and celebration, not only for chefs but for everyone who appreciates the art of cooking. Plenty of Thyme – supplying the best mobile catering Essex can offer – take pride in our chefs and their dedication to your food experience.

To find out why we are the best caterers Essex can offer, contact us today or check out our services on our website!

Happy International Chefs Day!