Burger Day is on the way!
Image of burger made by the best mobile bbq catering trailer Essex can offer, Prime Thyme!

Burger Day is on the way!

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The sizzle of a perfectly grilled patty, the smokey BBQ smell, and the joy of sinking your teeth into a juicy, flavourful burger – it’s these special things that make us want to celebrate Burger Day!

On the 24th of August, we get to celebrate the wonderful burger and all the joy they bring. On the lead-up to the glorious day, we wanted to take a moment to remind you why Plenty Of Thyme – supplier of the best mobile BBQ catering Suffolk and Essex can offer – stands out as the ultimate choice for all your burger desires. Known as the provider of the finest mobile BBQ catering Suffolk and Essex can offer, we not only provide the most delectable burgers but an entire array of unforgettable BBQ delicacies. Read on if you dare!


Happy Burger Day – Why do we celebrate it?

Burger Day celebrated on August 24th, is a delightful occasion for all who appreciate a good burger!

It’s a moment to honour the simplicity and complexity that makes a really good burger – from its humble beginning as a quick and filling meal, to the gourmet art that delights your taste buds. Whether you’re a fan of classic cheeseburgers, gourmet creations, a chicken burger or plant-based alternatives, Burger Day welcomes everyone to indulge in their favourite dish. Here at Plenty Of Thyme – supplier of the best mobile bbq catering Suffolk and Essex can offer – burgers are a staple in our kitchens, and they’re always a popular choice at any event!


Image of people enjoying BBQ made by the best mobile bbq catering trailer Essex can offer, Prime Thyme!

Our burgers

For all of your burger needs, be it Burger Day or not, Plenty Of Thyme is your top choice for food excellence.

As the best mobile BBQ catering Suffolk and Essex can offer, we take pride in crafting burgers that you’ll be left dreaming about. When you choose our Prime Thyme catering option, you can expect food that impresses you.

From our signature PTK burger (Homemade bacon jam, crispy shallot rings, watercress mayo, homemade patty, and Monterey Jack) our dirty burger (Homemade patty, Monterey Jack, pulled pork, crispy shallots, and mustard mayonnaise) to our scrumptious chicken burger (Buttermilk thigh, pickled cucumber and sriracha mayo) our chefs are here to give you the burger experience of a lifetime.

If our meat options don’t take your fancy, not to worry! We also have some plant-based alternatives that are just as delicious. Chow down on our veggie burger (Cheese, onion jam, shallot rings and watercress mayo) for a good time!

If you opt for our street food catering, you can expect a whole array of gourmet burgers that will leave your guests happy and satisfied.

From our Essex beef burger (BBQ pulled pork, cheese, gem and whole grain mustard mayo) our char grilled halloumi burger (Portabella mushroom, chilli jam, gherkin and gem leaf) our buttermilk chicken breast burger (Asian slaw and chipotle mayo) and so much more, if you’re after good quality burgers, choose us!

To add a bit of fun to your event, our street food catering even offers a build-your-own burger bar! Celebrate Burger Day by getting stuck in and building your burger. Choose from a chicken, beef or black bean burger, and decorate with as many or as few toppings as you’d like – it’s all down to you!

For more information, or to try out the best caterers Essex can offer, get in contact!


Why are our burgers exceptional?

Our burgers are so loved for good reason – and it’s mostly down to our commitment to producing excellence. We create burgers with a satisfyingly crisp texture and an unforgettable flavour by using quality ingredients. This is why we source only the freshest ingredients from local, trusted suppliers.

Good quality ingredients guarantee amazing taste. We make sure to use nutrient-rich vegetables, farm fresh specially selected meat for the best flavour and texture, and freshly baked buns. Not only does this allow us to create masterpieces, but it also allows us to support our local communities and reduce our carbon footprint!

However, it’s not all down to our high-quality ingredients. Here at Plenty Of Thyme, known for offering the best mobile BBQ catering Suffolk and Essex, we’re lucky to have some incredibly talented and passionate chefs. Every burger they create is a work of art, made with precision, skill and a touch of love.

This blend of exceptional ingredients and skilled craftsmanship transforms our burgers into more than just food – they’re a taste experience that will leave you wanting more.

Image of burgers made by the best mobile bbq catering trailer Essex can offer, Prime Thyme!

What more can we offer?

As the number 1 supplier of mobile BBQ catering Suffolk and Essex can offer, of course, we have more to offer than just burgers!

While we love cooking up a juicy burger, we also offer a whole range of tasty BBQ food that is just as satisfying and filling.

Beyond our diverse selection of burgers, come our finger-licking BBQ offerings. From our ten-hour slow-smoked beef brisket, our garlic & herb rubbed minute steak, our citrus-marinated salmon filet to our BBQ glazed baby back ribs and so much more, we’ve got a whole range of succulent poultry, game and fish marinated to perfection to offer you.

But it’s not all about the meat – our assortment of crunchy salads can add a refreshing twist to your plate.

If you’re looking for mobile BBQ catering that offers a wide range of meat selections and tasty vegetarian alternatives, all expertly prepared with our signature seasonings, choose Plenty Of Thyme.


For mobile BBQ catering, choose Plenty Of Thyme – The best BBQ catering Suffolk and Essex can offer!

If you are planning an event, whether a wedding, a corporate gathering or just a get-together with friends, choose Plenty Of Thymes mobile BBQ catering to experience the best caterers Essex can offer.

Although we take immense pride in being the top choice for mobile BBQ catering Suffolk and Essex, we are proud to showcase our excellence in every single one of our services. Whether you choose corporate catering, wood-fired pizza catering or our Prime Thyme Kitchen service, you’ll be guaranteed a good time. Take a look at our services!

As Burger Day approaches, and we celebrate a day of flavour and food, we hope you’ll be reminded of the extraordinary taste Plenty Of Thyme – the best mobile BBQ catering company – can provide.

Our dedicated team is here to deliver an unforgettable catering experience that leaves your taste buds tingling with excitement.

Contact us today!

And of course, Happy Burger Day! (nearly)