Why is street food catering on the rise?

Why is street food catering on the rise?

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Street food is growing in popularity globally, and here at Prime Thyme, with the best street food catering Essex can offer, we can’t see why it hasn’t happened sooner. There are many reasons to love street food. It’s affordable, it’s diverse in flavours, it’s made with fresh ingredients and overall, it’s damn right delicious.

Prime Thyme is here to deliver the people of Essex to flavour town with our unique take on street food catering Essex. Here are all the reasons why you need Prime Thymes street food at your next event!

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It’s convenient

The convenience of street food is literally in its name. It’s not classy, It’s not a sit-down dinner and there’s no need for reservations. Street food is simply good grub that you can eat on the street!

This makes street food perfect for events such as fireworks night, a Christmas market, a bbq gathering, a festival, or a garden party. Anywhere that you want to provide smashing food without the dining is street food material. 

Grab a burger, tuck in, and enjoy your night. It’s that easy!

There’s selection

Street food has no laws or set standards to follow. This means vendors can get creative and design their own range of delicious, imaginative, and filling options for their customers to choose from. 

Prime Thyme – with the best street food catering Essex has tasted – is guilty of such crimes. Our most popular menu items consist of some marvellous creations, such as The Dirty Burger (Homemade patty, Monterey Jack, pulled pork, crispy shallots, and mustard mayonnaise), our signature The PTK Burger (Homemade bacon jam, crispy shallot rings, watercress mayo, homemade patty, and Monterey Jack) and the incredible Chill Cheese dog, that we guarantee you’ll want a bite of!  

If you’re looking for something a little less meaty, we have a vegetarian item available for all items off the menu, and it’s proven to be just as flavourful. 

There’s more where that came from! Treat your guest’s taste buds to our mouthwatering good menu, get in touch to book Prime Thyme today! 

It’s affordable

Street food is as affordable as it is tasty. If you’re looking for something that’s going to provide your guests with hearty, fresh food for a good price, Prime Thyme is your go-to. Get in contact to find out more here. 

Full of freshness

There’s nothing tastier than fresh ingredients, which is what makes street food so delicious. 

There are a few things that separate street food from fast food, the most important being fresh ingredients. While street food is just as quick as fast food, each meal has had the time and attention taken to be individually prepared and cooked with fresh, healthy ingredients in front of the customer’s eyes. Fast food unfortunately is normally cooked in bulk beforehand and is full of calories instead. 

Prime Thyme provides the best street food catering Essex can offer for good reason. We carefully source all of our ingredients to make sure they are as fresh and full of goodness as possible. From our 100% beef that’s locally sourced from Magness Farms to our veg that’s as fresh as fresh can be. For goodness in every mouthful, get in touch here.  

Street food catering with a difference

Prime Thyme, with the best street food catering Essex can offer, provides street food catering with a difference.

We offer marvellous menu items and tones of choice for every guest, as well as friendly, skilful chefs and servers ready to cook up something fantastic. Pair this with our knowledgeable background and it’s no wonder Prime Thyme’s street food has won multiple awards! 

Choose the best street food catering Essex has tasted – Prime Thyme

Jump on the bandwagon and hire yourself some street food magic for your next event with Prime Thyme. Quality food and good prices, speak to one of the team here!

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