Why Plenty of Thyme offers the best corporate catering in Essex!

Why Plenty of Thyme offers the best corporate catering in Essex!

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Why Plenty of Thyme offers the best corporate catering in Essex! 

We are multiple award-winning caterers who offer the best corporate catering in Essex, as our team are well experienced with delivering exquisite foods at corporate events throughout the year. Here are a few reasons why Plenty of Thyme provides the best corporate catering in Essex! 

We get it!

No two events are ever the same, no two individuals are the same, and taste buds certainly are not the same. So at Plenty of Thyme, we’ve expertly crafted our menu selection and options to suit any event with the most diverse crowds, whether you require wedding catering, or require corporate catering in Essex – we’ve got it covered!

Planning a corporate event is difficult and stressful, and one of those stresses could easily be the food. Will or won’t they like the food options? What cuisine or style is best suited to your corporate event? Luckily we’re seasoned professionals when it comes to event catering. Our chefs will sit down with you to understand the type of corporate event you’re putting together so they can pair the right Plenty of Thyme service with the event. From BBQ catering to fine dining, you’re in safe hands with the best corporate catering in Essex!

Evening catering with Plenty Of Thyme

The food

The most important thing when planning a corporate event is the food. OK, we may be biased and we’re sure there probably are more important things, but our passion for food blurs our vision a little. We see this as positive and we put all of that passion into the meals and food we prepare for you. Whether it’s our woodfired pizzas, canape selections or 3-course fine dining, tastebuds will be satisfied with every bite, so get in touch with us and let’s give your event the best corporate catering in Essex!

Our catering solutions include buffet catering, bowl food catering and dinner party catering, plus many more! 

Pairing food

Understanding your corporate catering event and the guests in attendance will allow us to put forward suggestions to help provide the wow factor. From conferences to award ceremonies, the approach we take when crafting the right menu for you differs. Much like stews are popular in winter and barbecues in summer, having the right menu for your theme and season is important to us. All of your suppliers play a huge part in the success of your event, so you can expect 10/10 from Plenty of Thyme!


The best part about Plenty of Thyme’s corporate catering is that we’re not reliant on a kitchen on site – we will bring the kitchen to you. 90% of our events are at locations where a kitchen is not available, but that doesn’t stop us from delivering mouth-watering dishes, fresh and in large numbers!


Evening catering with Plenty Of Thyme