What to expect on the day of your event with Plenty of Thyme
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What to expect on the day of your event with Plenty of Thyme

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What to expect on the day of your event with award winning caterers Plenty of Thyme!

We’ve done our fair share of events to know that even the most astute planner in the world will still have some questions about what happens on the day with award winning caterers, Plenty of Thyme. Each event is unique, so whether it’s wedding catering, barbecue catering or you need corporate caterers, those burning questions need answering. So we’ve decided to lay it all out for you in this blog and hopefully answer some of those crucial questions.

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Let’s start before the day of the event!

We will work with the planner of the day to understand the layout of the venue, the plan for the day and other suppliers we may need to work with/around. It’s these three things that we like to know in advance to ensure we deliver the very best catering service!

The venue

More often than not there isn’t a kitchen for us to work with, so we bring our own! What else do you expect from award winning caterers who offer the best mobile event catering Essex has to offer? After all, we are not award winning caterers for nothing! We will work with the planner to determine the best place to set up the kitchen so that we are not in the way of other suppliers, and more importantly, so we can get our delicious food in front of your guests whilst it is piping hot! So understanding the layout of the venue and the order of the day is very important when we set up our kitchen! 

The plan for the day

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate catering event or dinner party, understanding your schedule for the day is important for us, as it allows us to prepare ourselves around your plan for the day. We want to ensure everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time. For example, you would want our team of professional staff to turn up while you say “I do!” 

The suppliers

From photographers and DJs, to mobile bar suppliers, there are likely to be other suppliers involved in your event that have their own vehicles and equipment that they need to bring to the event. It can certainly be a pain if your caterers have pitched up a kitchen before the other suppliers have set up, getting in their way! Planning around your suppliers is essential, we all have the same goal, to play our part in making your event memorable and special.

Essex Christmas parties | Plenty Of Thyme