Looking To Book The Best BBQ Wedding Catering Essex Has Ever Tasted?
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Looking To Book The Best BBQ Wedding Catering Essex Has Ever Tasted?

by | Jul 18, 2022 | BBQ Catering, Weddings | 0 comments

Why you should book the best BBQ wedding catering Essex has ever tasted!


There are plenty of reasons why you should consider BBQ catering. It’s fun, it’s tasty and it never lets you down. But have you ever thought about BBQ catering for your wedding? While it’s a little out there, and perhaps not traditional, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how popular BBQ catering will be on your special day. Here are our top reasons to get the grill on at your wedding!


1. Its Unique

While BBQ catering at your wedding may be considered a bold move by some, we think it’s simply unique. BBQs are not always thought to be the most elegant or special of catering services, due to the connotations of BBQing in general. Often seen as un-aesthetically pleasing, smelly and greasy, wedding planners tend to stay well away from the grill. Fortunately, when you book with Plenty Of Thyme, the best BBQ wedding catering Essex has seen, BBQs are about to become stylish! If you don’t believe us, check out these BBQ wedding inspiration ideas on Pinterest!

Not only is our presentation bespoke to your wedding theme, but we only use top-quality charcoal. This makes our food so mouthwatering, your catering will be the one to beat. Forget overcooked meat handed out on paper plates. Think professional BBQ chefs, who care just as much as serving up exceptional BBQ food as you do, if not more. Think decorations, made to match your wedding theme to make for a gorgeous presentation. Think dedicated servers, whose only goal is to make your night go right. Think about the wonderful smell of delicious food wafting through the air, a perk that only comes from BBQ catering.

It may not give the same vibe as a traditional 3 course, sit down wedding meal. What BBQ catering does give is fun, taste and difference. While not considered by everybody, those who do reap the rewards!


2. Variety

There’s not much worse than finding out when it’s too late that your catering’s variety of food is minimal. Not only is this a disappointment for you, but picky eaters or guests with allergies are often the ones excluded, left feeling like their needs were not considered and often going hungry. There’s a very simple answer to guarantee this is not the case for your own big day. You guessed it, BBQ catering!

There’s something for everyone when you choose Plenty Of Thyme’s BBQ wedding catering, Essex’s experts. We know how important every guest is at your wedding and guarantee to make sure nobody is left out. Whether it’s meat lovers, vegans or vegetarians, picky eaters, guests with allergies or even kids, we’ve got an option for everybody.


3. Affordable

Weddings can be expensive, that’s a fact. And even though we offer a traditional sit-down 3-course menu made from quality, fresh ingredients at incredible value, we understand that when you have a large number of guests that a sit-down meal option can get a bit pricey.  Thankfully, with BBQ catering, especially with Plenty Of Thyme, wedding food is more affordable and budget-friendly while still giving your guests that wow factor. This means you can spend a little more on the things that matter, like inviting those extra family members and friends to celebrate with you.

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4. Bespoke to you

Having the option to modify and perfect your wedding menu is hugely important to making sure you and your guests have the most perfect day possible. That’s why Plenty Of Thymes bespoke menus give you the freedom to amend every little detail of your catering, making for the wedding BBQ menu of your dreams.


Plenty Of Thyme, the best BBQ wedding catering Essex has ever known!

We hope by now you can agree when we say BBQ wedding catering is largely underrated. Not only does it fill you and your guests’ bellies, but it’s budget friendly and absolutely delicious. It’s important you know you are choosing the best BBQ wedding catering Essex has to offer when booking for your big day. Plenty Of Thyme is an award winning catering service, guaranteed to meet all your needs. To book, get in touch here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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