4 events made better with BBQ catering Suffolk!
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4 events made better with BBQ catering Suffolk!

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The finest BBQ catering Suffolk offers?

Plenty of Thyme has over 20 years combined experience in the catering industry. So when it comes to event catering, we are able to offer sound advice. With that in mind, we have decided to give some examples of which events can be elevated with professional BBQ catering.

1. BBQ wedding catering

There are few events in your life as joyous as your wedding day!

With so many big and important decisions, it can be difficult to know if you’re on the right track or not.

That’s why, when it comes to wedding catering, Plenty of Thyme is here to put your mind at ease and let you know you are heading in the right direction.
Winners of the 2020 Essex Wedding Awards, Plenty of Thyme are a team of expert caterers dedicated to providing exceptional food and service.
We offer a range of wedding catering services, from canapes and set menus to bowl food and some of the finest BBQ catering Suffolk has to offer!

But with so many services, how are you expected to make a decision?
Well, it’s wise to look at the advantages and disadvantages of all of your options.

An increasingly popular choice is BBQ catering. And when it comes to the BBQ catering Suffolk has to offer, we know a thing or two!

Let’s be honest, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. But it isn’t necessarily what you imagine when considering expert catering for your big day.
Well, we can guarantee this isn’t your usual BBQ and there will not be a single store-bought patty in sight!

No, our range of locally sourced produce includes a diverse variety of meat and vegetarian options. Every side, garnish, and ingredient is individually chosen to complement the different elements of each dish. So whether you’re a fan of 12-hour, slow-braised pulled pork or prefer a Chinese 5 spice chickpea burger, we can guarantee that you’ll find that something-special for your big day.

For the finest BBQ catering Suffolk provides, get in touch now!

2. Birthday party

BBQs are a birthday party favourite (if you’re lucky enough to have a birthday that falls within the warmer months anyway)!

Birthdays should be a time of celebration, not stress. And it is stressful to self-cater any event, especially when that involves managing a grill. Trying to cook everything evenly, and making sure that you don’t wind up serving the burgers after your guests have eaten can be quite a challenge.

That is why a team of experts makes all the difference! Our professional, portable BBQ facilities (in addition to our years of experience) make us well equipped to manage the varied and staggered timing requirements of each dish.
This means every burger, Cumberland sausage, and chicken breast is cooked, and seasoned, to perfection.

We can take the worry out of your hands, and replace it with a delicious meal that packs a punch! So sit back, relax and enjoy.


BBQ catering Suffolk | Plenty of Thyme

3. Baby shower

A new arrival in the family is an exciting and momentous occasion!
Hence why baby showers are an upwards trend.

Baby showers are traditionally held in the weeks prior to the birth, but the weeks following a new baby are…hectic to say the least. Attending one event is easier than having lots of visitors every day. So, many new parents opt to hold a baby shower after the birth as a way for all members of the family to meet the new arrival!

Deciding to hire professional caterers ensures the focus remains on the new parents and baby (as it should be)!

Plenty of Thyme offers a variety of expert catering services including some of the finest canapes, bowl food, and BBQ catering Suffolk offers.

The nature of BBQ catering makes it ideal for situations susceptible to change. And if you have a newborn, this is something you will become familiar with very soon! BBQ catering provides you with stress-free and flexible catering that doesn’t compromise on quality.

To browse our service for BBQ catering Suffolk, head to our BBQ services page.

4. Engagement party

Engagement parties can be some of the most enjoyable events you attend!
The anticipation of an upcoming wedding, combined with the excitement of seeing loved ones is bound to lead to some incredible memories.
And those incredible memories should be accompanied by equally incredible food.

Opting for BBQ catering provides you and your guests with some great advantages!

Socialising with different people and groups is easier when you are not tied to a specific seat. The flexibility of BBQ catering means you are free to choose where or if you’d like to sit.
BBQ catering, whilst delicious, isn’t a meal that you have all that often so your guests are guaranteed (and able) to go back for seconds….and thirds!

BBQ catering Suffolk

These are just a few ideas for why you might want to hire some of the finest professional BBQ catering Suffolk has to offer. But Plenty of Thyme also offers a range of other services – from street food to canapes and bespoke dinner party catering. To hire the finest caterers Essex and Suffolk have to offer, head to our contact us page to get in touch.