Intimate Valentines Day Proposal Ideas
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Intimate Valentines Day Proposal Ideas

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Bespoke Catering | 0 comments

Happy New Year from Plenty of Thyme!


January 1st represents different things to different people. But regardless of its meaning, it leaves many of us looking back at the past year, and revealing who we want to look toward the new one with. For the very lucky, it can prompt some thoughts of proposal ideas. 

Ultimately, it is a time of year when many decide to finally pop the question!

But proposals can be tricky things. Some people are very against certain approaches such as big displays or popular and/or populated settings. However, it is almost universally agreed that a proposal should be a personal display of love, and a reflection of the intimate relationship of two people.

Valentine’s day is approaching so Plenty of Thyme has decided to lend a hand, and some of our proposal ideas for a lowkey, intimate proposal!

Private Dining - Proposal Ideas
Private Catering Essex | Proposal Ideas
Private Catering Essex - Proposal Ideas

What to prioritise?

It sounds like a bit of an overwhelming question. But the only thing overwhelming is how simple the answer is. Them!

When it comes to proposal ideas, you know your partner, better than anyone, and what makes a good proposal great are the little things.

What’s a strange quirk or inside joke in your relationship? Try to incorporate that into your proposal ideas. Or better yet, use it to pop the question!

Are they a person of few words who prefers physical affection rather than verbal?

A good starting point can be to look into “love languages”. It can help you understand your partner’s preferred form of communicating love. And in doing so, give you ideas about what they may like in a proposal. There is a range of quizzes and questionnaires to assess this and it doesn’t arise too much suspicion about your intentions!


Not in public? Not a problem!

Restaurants are a favourite proposal spot, and it’s no wonder, a satisfying meal and sharing good conversation over an expensive bottle of wine is second to none. But, there is an intimacy to a privately catered dining experience that transcends any restaurant and elevates a romantic evening. A tailored menu with individually paired wines, and locally sourced fresh produce is an exceptional experience like no other and will give you and your partner moments to remember.
A service that goes above and beyond, Plenty of Thyme are the expert event caterers that bring your special night to life. A personal chef and waitress on hand permit you to be fully immersed in your sensational night without worry whilst enjoying a delicious meal.
With private catering, you don’t just receive a meal, but privacy, personalisation and prioritisation, breeding a degree of intimacy not found in a usual restaurant setting.

Being the person to propose is exciting but it also takes a lot of planning, and if you’re looking for something a little more personal, it can become difficult to be present in the events you have arranged. Arranging a fully catered private dinner in the comfort of your own home can allow you to be fully present, in the evening you arrange with the person that you love.

Finishing touches.

Finishing touches are what give proposal ideas flair. Something as simple as a choice of music can make or break the ambience you’re trying to create. Try and imagine small details they would appreciate. Their favourite flower, a time of day they enjoy the most, a drink or cocktail they love.

Put all of these aspects together, add a few finishing touches, and you have yourself some unique, insightful and intimate proposal ideas.


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