Great Christmas Party Ideas – The Four Pillars Of Festivity
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Great Christmas Party Ideas – The Four Pillars Of Festivity

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Great Christmas Party Ideas | Plenty of Thyme

What great Christmas party ideas make an event?

Christmas means different things for different people. To some, it’s a celebration of faith, to others a national holiday and for most, a celebration with loved ones. Regardless of what Christmas means to you, there is a shared belief in the value of good food and a good party.

So what makes a good celebration?

In short, it depends (somewhat). Some prefer smaller, more intimate affairs. Something that to the extroverted eye barely resembles a party. Others are excited to have such a validated excuse to throw a lavish get-together. However you celebrate, here are Plenty of Thymes’ great Christmas party ideas – the four pillars of festivity!


Great Christmas Party Ideas | Christmas Décor

1. The decor!

Gaudy or sophisticated, party decor shapes an evening’s atmosphere. Especially when it comes to Christmas. And big or small, a little ambience goes a long way. So break out the baubles, string up some fairy lights and tinsel and set the ambience for your festive get-together.


2. Something special!

At a time of year filled with traditions, it’s nice to arrange something a little different for you and your guests. Party games are one of the great Christmas party ideas for creating a lively atmosphere at any party no matter the size. Whether it’s trivia, board games or maybe something a little more unique, arranging something you and your guests don’t ordinarily do together makes the celebration a memorable one.

3. Festive Favourites!

When we think of Christmas there is one thing that normally takes centre stage in our minds. Images of crispy, rosemary dusted roast potatoes and juicy glazed turkey begin to form in our minds. There’s no doubt that some of our most favourite foods are seasonal ones we dream of all year round. And arguably, there is nothing that screams “Christmas” quite as loudly as a plate of festive favourites.

Food! It’s the most integral part of any festive get-together and the part everyone can look forward to. But alongside planning a festive gathering, it’s difficult to find the time to prepare food as exceptional as you and your guests want or deserve. Professional catering is a great way to provide your guests with exceptional food and allow you to remain entertaining your guests. And if there’s ever a time to go above and beyond when it comes to food, it’s Christmas. Plenty of Thyme is passionate about delivering exceptional food to elevate your event and provide peace of mind when it matters most.

4. The company you keep!

It’s a well-established fact that any party is only as good as the guest list. For many, Christmas is the one time of year where we can surround ourselves with all of our most favourite people. Whether that entails throwing a festive bash for your friends leading up to Christmas or celebrating big with extended family, there is an incomparable sense of unity and belonging during this time. And for those luckiest, a time of year to gather the people you hold closest and host an incredible celebration full of all the great Christmas party ideas you can dream of!


December is a month that holds a lot of significance within our calendar. And whilst our reasons for celebrating this holiday may vary, we celebrate together nonetheless. Taking time to ensure the people we surround ourselves with feel valued and appreciated. It is for these reasons that Plenty of Thyme are so passionate about providing delicious, high-quality food at any event. (And giving you some great Christmas party ideas!)
From custom private dining menus to locally sourced produce, we understand the significance of this time of year and offer a range of expert services so that you can celebrate your way.


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