4 Ways To Make Your Office Party Stand Out
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4 Ways To Make Your Office Party Stand Out

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1 – Entertainment

When we think of office Christmas party entertainment, certain images come to mind. But something people often fail to consider is that good entertainment is often interpersonal. People have the most fun with each other. Obviously, a good DJ or playlist doesn’t go unappreciated, but the moments in between are the moments that are remembered.

A great game to play is Meet your Target – Small place cards at each seat or table with a list of tasks or targets. e.g. Shake the hand of someone in the room who is most likely to fake their own death, buy the person who pulls a sickie whenever they have a hangover a drink – This is especially fun if every guest has a disposable camera to capture the moments on film.

Check out this website for more entertainment ideas!


2 – Drinks

One of the most important staples of an office Christmas party is the drinks. But it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of alcohol.
And it’s important when planning an event of any kind to consider that the different kinds of guests are all catered for. A virgin drinks menu, that rivals the alcoholic options, is something that acknowledges the guests who are often overlooked, and is a great way to set your Christmas party apart.

Plenty of Thyme understands the importance of feeling considered, and strives to provide a personal and unique service. This is why we lend our expertise to pair each dish with a complimentary wine and provide a range of vegetarian and dietary conscious alternatives. Our passion for food is only matched by our passion to deliver a personal and considerate service.



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3 – Food Choices

Good food is the hallmark of any memorable event. And when it comes to an office Christmas party, there are often several factors to consider when making this decision.

The smaller more intimate events might prefer a seated multiple course meal. We can tailor menus to your preference and pair appropriate wines with each course. You can find all relevant information on our Dinner Party Catering Page.

A large event will likely have to cater to different tastes, intolerances and preferences.
For this reason, many people choose to hire a catering company with a larger set menu, or alternatively, Canapés or Buffet style catering.

Plenty of Thyme also offers a unique style of catering befitting (but not exclusive) to larger corporate events. Bowl food Catering offers miniature-sized main meals and allows your guests to remain untethered from a seat, while they eat. Ideal for larger sized parties, guests don’t require a table and eliminates seating plans from your to-do list.

And buffet style doesn’t mean compromising on food quality or standard. Plenty of Thyme is proud to provide a premier catering service and our standards aren’t compromised when it comes to buffet style. We use boxes and display ware to elevate the tone of the table and our food speaks for itself. Head to our Buffet Style Catering page for more information.


4 – Make It Personal

Finding a balance between the personal and the generic can be tricky. There are certain features of an office Christmas party that always make for a good time. Entertainment, Drinks, Food! But don’t get caught up on what’s normal to have, tailor it to YOUR workplace.

Plenty of Thyme are firm believers that the best events, big or small, are when the personality of the company, family or group shapes the tone and experience of the event.

And we feel privileged to be able to adapt our services to suit our clients and provide an expert personalised service delivered with warmth and humanity.


Whatever you decide, Plenty of Thyme will “cater” to you, for you.

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