The best bespoke caterers Essex has to offer!
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The best bespoke caterers Essex has to offer!

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Bespoke Catering | 1 comment

From weddings and street food to dinner party catering, we guess you could call us one of the best bespoke caterers Essex can call upon! Don’t let geographical boundaries get in the way, we are built for travel and convenience! So whether you are based in East Anglia, Kent, London, or Hertfordshire, we’re there!

As we leave the summer behind though, it’s time to look ahead to other ways you can treat yourself, and your guests, to Plenty of Thyme’s amazing, mouth-watering catering!

The nights are getting longer and the days colder. But that’s no reason to stop doing our favourite pastimes with our favourite people, especially after the last two difficult years. Spending quality time with loved ones has never been so sorely missed, and unsurprisingly, is our number one pastime all year round, no matter the weather. Here at Plenty of Thyme, we believe the importance of quality time with loved ones should not be understated. And we wanted to provide a service that ‘caters’ to the different seasons without compromising on quality or intimacy.

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Enter the fray, our Dinner Party Catering service!

The indoor party and/or gathering is often a stressful one. Opening your doors to loved ones can be a trying experience, especially when the catering falls to you (just think of the dishes!). Guests entering and exiting the kitchen, having to keep one eye on your watch and the other on the stove whilst juggling a conversation: it’s not easy, nor is it preferable. This is where we come in. To take the reins of the kitchen so you spend more time cracking jokes than eggs. Don’t worry though, we don’t need to use your kitchen either. We can set up our tent outside and provide all of our own equipment, giving you more space indoors! Talk about convenience, right?

But hosting isn’t all stress. There is something uniquely intimate and comfortable about hosting from your home or premises. Whether that means enjoying entertainment in the form of parlour games or sitting around the fireplace sipping wine or whiskey, perhaps both one after the other! We understand the commitment that is required for the person who opens their home to others. That is why we wanted to provide a supportive service that allows everyone to spend time together. Our Dinner Party Catering does just that!

A privately catered dining experience elevates the tone of any indoor event, allowing you to remain the life and soul of the party all night long. Personal chefs and waitresses will be behind the scenes and on hand ensuring your event runs smoothly from start to finish. Taste buds will be spoiled, whether it’s a large family gathering, an engagement party or a special birthday celebration, Plenty of Thyme are the expert bespoke caterers Essex can offer, who will bring your special night to life with a service that goes above and beyond. Your menu, composed of locally sourced produce, can be tailored to your taste, and wine paired individually with each dish. It’s never been easier to host memorable intimate indoor events.


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So whilst the days and nights are shorter and colder, the party spirit is very much still alive and kicking all year round! You can save money on venue hire if you have adequate space and really dominate the social headlines by hosting your very own dinner party with Plenty of Thyme on hand! Typically, we do a lot of events so we know lots of friends who can help piece together the perfect dinner party! From marquee hire, mobile bar hire and event stylists, take a look at our friend’s list for trusted friends of Plenty of Thyme. You can enquire about availability for your dinner party by contacting us, or please feel free to check out our Facebook page for up to date news, reviews and images of recent events!