Reasons to book a mid-week event
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Reasons to book a mid-week event

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The expert event caterers, Essex based, Plenty of Thyme wanted to share some of the benefits of hosting a weekday event instead of a weekend. Understandably, weekends are the most popular days for weddings and events. Plenty of Thyme felt it was a good time to give weekdays a bit of the limelight. With the COVID-19 vaccine well underway and being rolled out across the country, we are very optimistic that we will see some form of normality again. Weddings will get to go ahead in larger numbers, events will take place and Essex will get its vibrance back. Essex is a well-known county for its glamour and love for all things party, with Plenty of Thyme hired as the event caterers, Essex is sure to be well and truly spoiled.

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So why should you consider a midweek event?


More availability:

You could find your dream venue, only to be told there is no availability for 2 years and that you will be placed on a waiting list should the circumstance change. Avoid the heartache and increase your chances by opting for a venue mid-week. Once the venue is booked, then you get to the fun part, picking your suppliers!


Use that holiday allowance:

Don’t you just hate it when you get to December and you need to ‘use it or lose it’ with your holiday allowance? By having a mid-week party, your guests can enjoy a day away from the office and soak up the British sun.



Typically venues are busiest at weekends which keeps the demand very high, especially in the hospitality industry. Some venues will offer discounts to fill up their diaries midweek, this can be in the thousands at some venues. What could you do with the money you have saved, perhaps put it towards a new kitchen, a new car or even a holiday if the British summer sun just isn’t enough.

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Those are just 3 reasons why we feel you should seriously consider the benefits of a mid-week event. If you are planning for a summer event, then contact the expert’s event caterers, Essex based Plenty of Thyme here. Over the years we have worked with some fantastic event suppliers who we are happy to recommend. So get in touch, let’s start planning an event that will leave a wow factor on your guests! Alternatively, feel free to visit our Facebook page for up-to-date news, reviews, and images of past events.