Benefits of a midweek wedding

Benefits of a midweek wedding

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It may be that you had to postpone your big day this year due to COVID-19. Which in turn means you are now looking to rearrange your wedding for 2021. 2020 has been a year most of us would like to forget! Many of us had to wait months to see loved ones, with many praying that the wedding they had painstakingly arranged for 2020 would still be able to take place. A chance to celebrate with friends and family after the isolation and uncertainty of those lockdown months. Unfortunately, for many, that didn’t happen. Months (and in some cases, years) of hard work planning your special day ruined. For those countless couples in this situation the only viable option has been to look toward 2021 and try to rearrange and rebook venues and suppliers for their big day.

The problem many couples have faced because of this is venues and suppliers have already taken bookings for 2021. There has been a huge influx of couples who have had to postpone this year. Those couples are now trying to book for next year, leaving most venues and suppliers fully booked for every weekend in 2021. This means some couples have had to start all over again, looking for venues and suppliers for 2021. For some it means that they will not be able to get married at their dream venue (that they had previously booked for 2020) as the venue is fully booked for 2021. The same goes for suppliers. Your favourite DJ that you booked for this year may already be booked for your new chosen date next year. The whole situation has been a hard blow for everyone.


But there may be a solution for those who have missed out on rebooking their preferred venue or suppliers. Have you considered booking a midweek wedding instead of the traditional weekend wedding? There are a huge amount of benefits of having a midweek wedding that you may not have considered before!

Have a look at these reasons why having a midweek wedding in 2021 could be perfect for you.

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  • More availability at venues


A lot of the most sought after wedding venues can be fully booked at weekends up to 2 years in advance! You may have booked your dream venue only to have it postponed this year, with no availability for 2021. But these same venues will often have availability on a weekday. Which means you can still celebrate your big day at the venue of your choice.


  • More availability for suppliers


As with venues, most suppliers are fully booked every weekend for 2021. By organising your wedding on a weekday you will have a much better chance of securing the suppliers you originally wanted, like premier Essex & Suffolk catering company Plenty of Thyme!


  • More chance of booking a date that means something to you


A lot of couples would love to get married on a date that coincides with a special occasion. The most popular occasion being an anniversary. Unfortunately, with 7 days in the week the law of averages means your special date may not fall on a Saturday or Sunday, but more likely on a weekday. A midweek wedding offers you more chances of being able to book your wedding on a date that means something special to you.


  • Guests get an extra day off of work


Who doesn’t love an extra day off of work? A midweek wedding is the perfect excuse for your guests to take a bonus day away from the office, and if you send out invites and save the date cards early enough all of your chosen guests should be able to get the day off to celebrate your big day.


  • Save money on your chosen venue


Another benefit of a midweek wedding is most venues (and some suppliers) charge less for a weekday booking. On some venues this can equate to a massive saving, leaving you extra cash to put to good use. Perhaps you can upgrade your previously booked honeymoon to Spain to the Maldives instead? Just a thought!


  • Save your guests money


Along with better deals on venues, your guests will also benefit from cheaper hotel rooms should they need them. Nearly all hotels have a higher rate on the weekends compared to a weekday. This saving may not be huge, but should be enough for Uncle Dave to get a round in!

So as you can see, even though your plans for your dream wedding in 2020 may have been upset, you can take advantage of a midweek wedding in 2021 and still have the wedding of your dreams. And if you are looking for catering in Suffolk, catering in Essex or the surrounding areas for your 2021 wedding, Plenty of Thyme offers a huge range of options that will delight the tongue and amaze your guests. In fact, if you book Plenty of Thyme for a midweek event for 2021 they will even supply free teas and coffees for you and your guests! For more information on this deal please contact Plenty of Thyme here, or visit our Facebook page here.