Tips for planning your wedding




When it comes to wedding catering, Essex based Plenty of Thyme are experts on how to make your big day go without a hitch. But what about all the other details?


If you are planning a wedding there are certain things that you already know. To book a venue. To hire a caterer. To book the band! But there are often things that can get overlooked. We here at Plenty of Thyme have been to countless weddings over the years and would like to impart some of our wisdom to you for your big day.


Here is a list of things that you may have forgotten!

Wedding caterers Essex
Tips for wedding
Tips for planning your wedding

* Check for guest allergies


Your guests are likely to come with a list of different food allergies or dietary restrictions. We appreciate it may not be feasible to accommodate everyone’s tastes, but by giving your guests a heads up to the food that will be served you can try your best to offer suitable solutions.


* Trust vendors to recommend other vendors


A great tip is to trust your vendors. If your caterer recommends a mobile bar company, you can bet that the bar company will be excellent. Why? By recommending another vendor the caterer is risking his reputation on the bar company. They will only do this if the recommended vendor has as high standards as them. Always trust your vendors!


* Compile a list of hotels near the venue


A really helpful added touch for guests is a list of local hotels, along with their prices. This gives guests a choice of different price points to suit their budgets.


* Give accurate driving instructions to guests


This hopefully goes without saying, but do make sure all guests have accurate instructions on how to get to the venue!


* Check restrictions of venue


Some venues have certain restrictions. Perhaps they are strict on the time the entertainment finishes. Perhaps they lock the car park at a certain time no matter what. To ensure your big day runs smoothly make sure you have any restrictions beforehand.


* Emergency contact numbers


It is really handy to have all the contact information for each vendor to hand. If the worst happens and anything does go wrong on your big day you will have the relevant contact information to get things back on track.




* Schedule set up times with vendors


The last thing you want on your big day is the DJ setting up at the back of the venue whilst the ceremony is happening! Check with vendors beforehand and schedule setting up times to fit your day.


* Keep the kids entertained


Weddings can be a long day for children. A great way to keep them entertained are wedding party games! Maybe something to think about!


* Take it one step at a time


Finally, remember that this is your big day…take everything one step at a time and enjoy the build up!


We hope that this has been helpful to you! As we said above, when it comes to wedding catering, Essex based Plenty of Thyme are the only choice! Please get in touch here to hear more!



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