National BBQ week kicks off its 24th year this Bank Holiday Monday, May 25th, 2020. In honour of this we’ve interviewed Plenty of Thyme’s owner, Dave Double to give you some insider BBQ knowledge from his 20 years experience in catering. He’s provided Barbecue Catering for Weddings and Events across the country and it’s super fun to do. 

What’s so good about your BBQ catering service

Not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but our chefs are professional, friendly and highly trained. We cook using only the finest ingredients from local suppliers and that truly does make all the difference. 

What sets a Plenty of Thyme BBQ above the rest? 

Well to put it simply, we cook on charcoal. All the charcoal we use is carefully selected for our BBQs. Why? It does lengthen the process slightly but the difference in flavour in the food is noticeable, and we think, worth the short extra wait. 

Why do you recommend Barbecue Catering for weddings? 

BBQ’s bring out a crowd, no matter the event. If you’re having a summer wedding with your reception out in a marquee or with nice outside surroundings, a BBQ can provide a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. It also works well for sharing platters. 

Plus, we all know that it’s hard to get the kids to sit down for more than 10 minutes at a time, especially at a wedding or party. A BBQ takes that pressure off and means everyone, young and old can sit back, relax and enjoy your big day. 


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Have you ever catered for any special, memorable BBQs? 

I’ve been in catering for 20 years so I’ve had a few memorable BBQs and parties. But, I think the most memorable one for me is cooking for the Beckhams whilst I was working for a previous company! What a touch! 

Have you got any BBQ tips for the people BBQing at home this week? 

Marinate, marinate, marinate! You should always marinate your food, meat or not, for at least 24 hours. Slow and slow will provide you with the tastiest BBQ around. I promise! 

What’s your favourite BBQ marinade? 

I absolutely love lime and chilli. The kick of chilli with the freshness of lime zest is amazing and simply can’t be beaten for me. 

Now that we’ve caught up with Dave & found out some of his insider knowledge, we had a little look around to find some marinade recipes to help you get your BBQ going on this Bank Holiday. Of course, they’re not the recipes that we use on our BBQs, because that would be telling! 

We found this great article on BBQ marinades, with something for everyone! Some traditional, and some a bit more out there, if you’re looking to get creative with your BBQ this week don’t forget to take a look. 

If you’re thinking about having BBQ catering at your wedding or next event, take a look at our sample menu on the BBQ catering page


We also wanted to let you know that, although we can’t currently cater for you due to the lockdown restrictions, we’ll be starting a BBQ package soon that will be available for delivery ????. We’re just ironing out some of the details so don’t forget to follow our Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news! 

If you’ve got any questions regarding making a booking for the future, get in touch today! 


BBQ Catering

The most popular catering to serve at a fireworks show or bonfire party is the BBQ. Juicy, smokey, and lip-smacking good, BBQ catering is always a sure crowd-pleaser.

With 100% fresh meat all prepared in advance to achieve full flavour and cooked to perfection in carefully selected high-quality charcoal, it’s a perfect option for your outside evening catering.

While you may think BBQ catering is exclusive to just meat eaters, Plenty Of Thyme makes sure to offer superb vegetarian items just as delicious as the meat options. What’s more, our team will pitch up, provide everything your guests could possibly need – cutlery, plates, condiments – and clear up as if we were never there. It really is as easy as hiring Plenty Of Thyme and knowing everything to do with catering is under control and taken care of!


Wood Fired Pizza Catering

If you like the BBQ idea, but want something a little more unique, our Wood Fired Pizza catering might just be for you. Handmade, topped on-site and cooked in under 90 seconds, our pizzas are loved by all!

As always, Plenty Of Thyme believes everybody deserves awesome food. As well as vegan and vegetarian options, we also cater to gluten and dairy allergies, so everyone can have a safe, tasty pizza.

Our Wood Fired Pizza catering is another great option for your Guy Fawkes Night event. It’s perfect for outside venues, affordable, and a great option if you are struggling to find catering everyone will enjoy. Who doesn’t like pizza!?

Evening catering with Plenty Of Thyme

What’s the perfect evening catering for you?

Plenty Of Thyme – one of the best catering companies Essex has tasted – is here to take the stress off your shoulders. Why plan an awesome Guy Fawkes event if you can’t enjoy it just as much as your guests do?

Hand the catering reins over to Plenty Of Thyme and let us take care of the rest. Whether you want autumnal, traditional, or just plain delicious, we’ve got an option for your evening catering.

To talk to the team or to book, contact us here.


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