Awesome bbq catering Essex – The rule book
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Awesome bbq catering Essex – The rule book

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Bbq Catering Essex – The Rule Book

Give your staff party a chill pill this summer and opt for bbq catering. Essex’s finest catering company, Plenty of Thyme, is here to add a little sparkle to corporate events this summer. Forget dressed up dinner parties and 1 drink gatherings, follow Plenty Of Thyme’s rule book for a cool corporate party and we can show you why bbq catering Essex for your summer corporate party is the ONLY way to go.

Rule 1. Put the planning book down

You or your events team spend a lot of time planning events for other people, it’s time to hand the plate to somebody else. Experts in bbq catering, Essex-based Plenty of Thyme has you covered, leaving you to unwind and enjoy the party. To provide ease, we supply all our own equipment needed for your fun-filled night. Gorgeous Gazebos? Check. Beautifully presented tables? Check. Outstanding food and drink? Check. Dedicated servers? Check. The perfect corporate event? Check!

bbq catering essex

Rule 2. Book a weekday!

Venues are not cheap and can sometimes be hard to come by, especially in the summertime. By choosing outside bbq catering, Essex suddenly has a whole lot to offer! Many corporate events are held on a weekday, which already makes finding a venue cheaper and easier, but to make things even better, using Plenty Of Thyme means you are not limited to the types of venues you can hire.

We provide all the equipment necessary for a fantastic bbq party, meaning the need for a kitchen at the venue is not a must. Even more, if you cannot find a venue, no sweat! As long as there’s enough outside area to set up a bbq station and of course room for dancing, Plenty of Thyme make it happen! Like the look of that field? We have all the gazebos, funky decorations, mouthwatering canapes, bbq food, and delicious drinks to make any dull patch of grass a festival. You’ll be spoilt for venue choice!

Rule 3. Simon says dance!

We believe you shouldn’t spend half the event queuing for food. This is a party after all, not a food hall! Let us do the cooking and preparation and our passionate serving staff will deliver all the goodness right to you so that you can spend your time catching up with guests and skip the queue! Literally!

bbq catering essex

Rule 4. Leave formal at the office

While being professional is favored in most offices, a bbq is in no way a formal matter. By taking away the pressures of an office atmosphere, guests have an opportunity to really let their hair down and have a good time. Experts in mobile bbq catering, Essex-based Plenty Of Thyme provide the perfect atmosphere to get your employees bonding and having fun over some mouthwatering grilled goodness!

Rule 5. Celebrate!

After the last few years, with lots of ups and downs, lockdowns, and uncertainty, your corporate event should be a cause for celebration. In our eyes, nothing says celebration quite like a chilled-out bbq on a warm summer’s day, with a delicious drink in hand, good company, and the smell of divine food wafting in the air. Our bbq catering Essex provides a unique atmosphere that nothing compares to, not to mention the flavour that far excels boring sandwiches or a staff takeaway!

bbq catering essex
bbq catering essex
bbq catering essex

Rule 6. No excuses

Specialists in mobile bbq catering, Essex’s catering company Plenty Of Thyme offers something for everybody, even the picky eaters, so nobody’s got an excuse to skip the party! Around 6% of every office is vegetarian and luckily we have some yummy none-meat options, including scrummy potatoes, Moorish greens, and appetizing skewers. Have something specific in mind you want on the menu? Let Plenty of Thyme know and your wish is our command!

However you plan to enjoy the summer with your colleagues, whether it’s making up for lost Christmas parties, celebrating promotions, or just getting the team together, we do hope you consider Plenty Of Thyme’s mobile bbq catering Essex, to create an awesome corporate event. Get in touch now, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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