How to season a pan – Thyme saving tips
How to season a pan | Plenty of Thyme

How to season a pan – Thyme saving tips

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How to season a pan.

Seems like a simple question, so we decided to give some equally simple answers! As the finest expert caterers Essex has to offer, we are ‘seasoned’ in the use of herbs and spices. And I’m sure it’s not hard to guess at least one of our favourites (the clue is in the name)!

Providing some of the best food catering Essex has to offer, it’s come to our attention that not everyone knows how to season a pan using herbs and how it lends any dish the depth it needs to become exceptional!

Impressing others through your culinary skill is a love, with which we are familiar. So, take a look below to find out how you can elevate your cooking with our favourite herb, and get the most from your garden!


1. Crispy roasties!

It’s the best part of any roast and achieving that crispy-to-fluffy ratio is only half the battle! Learning how to season a pan is what separates the good from the great when it comes to roasting potatoes. A pinch of salt, dash of pepper, a sprig of thyme and a dusting of fresh, crushed rosemary will elevate your roast potatoes to exquisite status. And if you’re looking for that little something extra, why not add some onion to your tray for the last 10-15 minutes? (Make sure you give the tray a shake to ensure they are coated in all the seasoned oil!)


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How to season a pan | Plenty of Thyme
Plenty of Thyme | Expert Catering

2. Beef stew.

A classic, and definitely one of our favourites although not always to everyone’s tastes. Whatever your thoughts are, it can’t be disputed that seasoning plays a huge role in this heart-warming dish! A great technique for those wanting a quick stew, or if you don’t have a slow cooker, is to fry and season your vegetables and meat before cooking them in a gravy sauce. You retain a lot of flavour in doing this and it’s much quicker than a slow cooker! Steam or parboil some vegetables of choice like potatoes, broccoli, or carrots, before roasting them in a pan with the beef, onions, garlic, and peppers. If you are unsure on how to season a pan like this one, just add some rosemary, thyme, oregano, some pepper and a pinch of salt. It’s a game-changer!

3. The jacket potato!

Even though day to day cooking looks very different to expert catering, we are gonna give you some tips on how to elevate your usual midweek meal.
If it’s speed you’re looking for, adding some thyme to your beans or just on top of the butter adds depth, without adding time to your meal prep.
If you have a little more ‘thyme’ on your hands, however, a quick and easy addition will add a bit of variation to your usual dish. Season and fry some onions, peppers and mushrooms until caramelised. If you’re unsure how to season a pan for this dish, add some thyme, oregano and garlic, as they all compliment this dish well (and add a pinch of salt and sugar, or honey, to caramelise). Throw in some grated cheese, a dash of pepper and stir until melted. And now you have a simple twist on an all-time favourite!

4. A canape…kind of.

If you want to feel like you’re at an important upscale event, even though you are sitting on your sofa, just add a little elegance to your cheese board! Cracker, cheese, a dollop of chutney and a small sprig of thyme. Voila. The informal canape!
Of course, this will hardly compare to our professional offerings. So if you are looking for the real thing, head to our home page to browse everything we offer.

How to season a pan – advice from the expert caterers Essex

As I’m sure you can see by now, thyme, in addition to other herbs, are much more important than people give them credit for! This essential component of culinary skill is a pillar of every service we provide, from our bowl food catering to our wood-fired pizza.
To step up your catering, see what we do or get in touch!