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After hearing the Prime Minister’s speech about the national roadmap out of lockdown, Plenty of Thyme is really looking forward to sharing our wonderful food once again. Experts in street food, al fresco dining, and mobile BBQ catering, Essex based Plenty of Thyme are sharing some ideas and inspiration so you can plan ahead for the easing of restrictions. We will have our party hats on before we know it!


Host a BBQ.

Forget the Aussies, Americans, or Brazilians, the UK loves a BBQ just as much as other countries. There’s just something about it, isn’t there? Are you ever taking a stroll and in the breeze, you get the sweet smell of seared meats and barbecue smoke? After that, it’s pretty much a race to the butchers.

We suggest that instead of racing the butchers, you’re the one who is hosting the BBQ, and why not use Plenty of Thyme as your event caterers? Let it be our seared meats and BBQ smoke that is wafting in the wind at your event.


Take it back to the streets with street food.

Street food is a staple in almost every capital across the world. Plenty of Thyme will bring the street food culture and ethos to your event. If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them and see if you can turn your ideas into a taste sensation. We’re sure that we have something to suit your event.


How about Alfresco dining?

Maybe you fancy something a little more intimate. An event where your guests can enjoy fine dining outdoors. Plenty of Thyme is the only choice when you think about hiring expert caterers for your Alfresco dining event. We will provide menu choices or we will work with you to create a bespoke selection of exquisite foods.


A corporate outdoor event.

There are many companies that like to reward staff with events, such as Christmas parties. Of course, last year this was heavily affected. Well, let’s make up for the lost time, and let’s do it in style! Plenty of Thyme can work with you to host an event and cater to your team at your own premises. If you have space, you could even make use of our partners (listed below) to really complete your event and reward your team in style.


Mobile BBQ Catering Essex Fine Dining Al Fresco
Mobile BBQ Catering Essex Canapes
Mobile BBQ Catering Essex Outdoor Event

Highly recommended suppliers.

After many years of working in the catering industry, we have been very fortunate to work with some wonderful partners who share our passion for making the customer’s experience the best it can be. It’s for this reason that we can gladly recommend a few suppliers who, coupled with Plenty of Thyme will really give your event the ‘wow’ factor.


County Marquees East Anglia.

As unpredictable as the British weather can be, you can shelter your guests from the rain or sun, with a marquee or tipi from County Marquees East Anglia. They will work with you to determine the best size marquee for your event, so you don’t need to worry about anything apart from looking your best on the day. For garden marquee hire, contact County Marquees East Anglia.


Beyond Bar Hire.

Now picture the scene, it’s your event, you have a beautiful marquee and you’ve got expert caterers Plenty of Thyme serving delicious food to your guests. How about a range of ice-cold drinks from a stylish mobile bar, served to you by professional staff? For this, we highly recommend the team at Beyond Bar Hire! For garden bar hire Essex, contact Beyond Bar Hire.

However you plan to enjoy the easing of restrictions, we really do hope that you consider the experts in mobile BBQ catering, Essex based Plenty of Thyme for your outdoor catering. To give you a flavour of what we are about, please continue to browse our website or look at our gallery.

It’s worth noting that all smaller bookings that take place before the 21st of June, will only need to pay a £50.00 deposit.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


BBQ Catering

The most popular catering to serve at a fireworks show or bonfire party is the BBQ. Juicy, smokey, and lip-smacking good, BBQ catering is always a sure crowd-pleaser.

With 100% fresh meat all prepared in advance to achieve full flavour and cooked to perfection in carefully selected high-quality charcoal, it’s a perfect option for your outside evening catering.

While you may think BBQ catering is exclusive to just meat eaters, Plenty Of Thyme makes sure to offer superb vegetarian items just as delicious as the meat options. What’s more, our team will pitch up, provide everything your guests could possibly need – cutlery, plates, condiments – and clear up as if we were never there. It really is as easy as hiring Plenty Of Thyme and knowing everything to do with catering is under control and taken care of!


Wood Fired Pizza Catering

If you like the BBQ idea, but want something a little more unique, our Wood Fired Pizza catering might just be for you. Handmade, topped on-site and cooked in under 90 seconds, our pizzas are loved by all!

As always, Plenty Of Thyme believes everybody deserves awesome food. As well as vegan and vegetarian options, we also cater to gluten and dairy allergies, so everyone can have a safe, tasty pizza.

Our Wood Fired Pizza catering is another great option for your Guy Fawkes Night event. It’s perfect for outside venues, affordable, and a great option if you are struggling to find catering everyone will enjoy. Who doesn’t like pizza!?

Evening catering with Plenty Of Thyme

What’s the perfect evening catering for you?

Plenty Of Thyme – one of the best catering companies Essex has tasted – is here to take the stress off your shoulders. Why plan an awesome Guy Fawkes event if you can’t enjoy it just as much as your guests do?

Hand the catering reins over to Plenty Of Thyme and let us take care of the rest. Whether you want autumnal, traditional, or just plain delicious, we’ve got an option for your evening catering.

To talk to the team or to book, contact us here.


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